My life.

My name is Devon Donis. I am a freelance cinematographer attending school at James Madison University (JMU) for Digital Video and Cinema: a concentration within the university’s school of media arts & design. I’ve been making short films and playing with cameras since I was a kid. Filmmaking was a hobby that stemmed from my deep love of watching movies and early exposure to storytelling. Towards the end of high school I invested in a camera, microphone, and editing software to start producing content regularly.

I started building the brand of Adonis Visuals LLC as I progressed project to project. My freelance work ranges from independent short films to artist music videos to promotional commercials for larger organizations. At my hometown in Norfolk, Virginia, I do contracted work with Flagship Visuals Co. (FVCo.) as a 2ndAC/PA on commercial shoots for a number of different agencies and brands. I went on to intern with FVCo. in the summer of 2018. I currently am video team-lead at Technology & Design: JMU’s full service, in-house marketing agency serving 22 clients within University Unions. I am responsible for client engagement and conceptualization, as well as full-service video production from conception to delivery of commercial content.

When I am not working on short-form commercial material for clients, I am focusing my efforts on narrative projects with more longevity. After attending extensive screenwriting and video production workshops at Point Park University within their cinema arts department, I went on to write, direct, film and edit multiple independent short films. At JMU I worked as Director of Photography on a number of narrative films and episodic projects with Doghouse Productions as well as writing and directing multiple projects within class curriculum. I also create passion projects to exercise creativity and gain experiential insight on my artistic process in order to grow and develop as a visual storyteller.