Devon DonisĀ 

My approach to filmmaking is a robust collage of all that I consume and all that I’ve been taught. From the talented crew behind the magic of Flagship Visuals, Co., to the visionaries at Safety Third Productions on the other side of the country, my talented mentors have instilled a habit to dream big and get the job done.

Whether it’s a narrative film, commercial spot, music video or experimental piece, the question is how do we satisfy both the needs of the client and the audience watching it? Usually, the through line is humanity and how we relate to each other: story comes first. What follows is the irresistible nature of captivating cinematography that SHOWS us the story. Lastly, the form of the story is built and melded in the editing room.

These tenets of filmmaking are where I provide services, and each, whether in unison or exclusivity, must be handled with preparation and care in order to create something that resonates with an audience.